PrEP (and safer sex)

PrEP (Pre-Expositions-Prophylaxis) is a safer sex method to protect against HIV infection. You take a specific HIV medication either for a fixed period of time or permanently. When used correctly, PrEP offers the same protection against HIV as condoms or protection through therapy.

The German statutory health insurance funds pay for PrEP and the associated medical examinations under certain conditions: if you belong to a group with an increased risk of HIV and if you obtain PrEP from a doctor specialising in HIV. You can obtain PrEP from any doctor if you are willing to pay for it yourself. At your local checkpoints, we can advise you about the options in your region.

If you use PrEP, you should bear in mind that it can only protect you against HIV. Therefore, you should do regular tests for other sexual infections. Generally, these tests are part of the medical examinations for PrEP. Some checkpoints also offer these accompanying tests for PrEP. The PrEP drug may sometimes also have side effects such as reduced kidney function. Therefore, your kidneys will also be checked on a regular basis during the follow-up examinations. If you notice any side effects, please inform your doctor. You can stop PrEP at any time. However, this also ends the protection against HIV.

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